Complacency Could Kill Us

I guess climate change, growing fascism, and social inequality can be depressing, but it’s reality. If we let it overwhelm us to the point of denial we’ll never find a solution if there is one. No one (outside religion) ever promised us that life would always be easy and humanity’s future is assured. We could easily go the way of the dinosaurs, and much sooner, if we ignore all that’s going on. The rich and powerful are blinded to the catastrophe that is ahead. We have to start behaving like we’re a part of the planet instead of removed from it. This planet is the only home we have, and our nation has the potential to be the most free and democratic on Earth, but both are in danger due to the greed and recklessness of those with the wealth and power. That’s why I contend that nothing is off the table. We may have to have a revolution against the rich and powerful yet to save humanity.