Micro.Blog, Where Art Thou?

Platform specific: I was reading an article by Manton Reece on his RSS feed and wanted to make a comment. I noticed that the article was also on Micro.Blog, so I clicked over to that. I still couldn’t comment as the site told me I needed to log in. OK, standard stuff. I gave my email address and they sent a link. Using that link I was signed in, but to my own timeline. Switching back to the RSS feed and again trying to follow the Micro.Blog link, I was again taken to his column but wasn’t logged in anymore. Please log in. Give email address. Get link. Link sends me to my own timeline.

Now I know I could search for Manton Reece once logged in. But this round-robin of logged in, not logged in, is, quite honestly, a pain in the ass, and a problem other sites seem to have solved. Elsewhere I would have have signed in on Reece’s page and stayed there. I don’t see where sending me a link via email is any more convenient or secure. It’s certainly more convenient.